Welcome 2015!

Baby, its cold out there! It’s such a great feeling to be knitting on a larger project, a sweater, in this cold weather.

Please see the list of classes that I am available to teach, and contact me with what you’d like learn.

Beginning Knit 1

This class is designed for those who have never knit but want to learn or would like a refresher class. We’ll cover casting on, knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, binding off and other techniques to increase your knitting abilities.

Fee: 3- 2 hour sessions; $40 also includes instructional handouts from Yarn Council of America

Beginning knit 2

This class is designed for those who have the basics, but want more! Learn slip stitches, yarn overs, seaming techniques and knitting in the round.

Fee: 3-2 hour sessions; $40 also includes instructional handouts from Yarn Council of America

Hat & Mittens

hat & mittens

Get ready for Christmas with this great 3 session class. Learn to knit a hat & mittens using a circular needle and 3 double pointed needles. You can choose from a basic pattern or a more challenging stripes or cables, childs or adults.

Fee:$40 3- 2 hour sessions
Mosaic Workshop


In mosaic knitting all the color changes are done with slipped stitches. These can be worked in garter or stockinett.  We will work on some swatches then get started on a scarf.

Please bring 2 contrasting colors worsted wt. yarn and size 8 or 9 needles.

Fee: $20

Mosaic Sock Class

peacock sock

This class is for those that would like a sock challenge. You must be able to knit a basic sock. We will knit the cuffs and top of the foot in a mosaic pattern. These socks are knit from the top to the toe so foot sizing can be easily changed.

Fee: $40

Felted Christmas Stocking with needle felted design.

In this class you will knit and felt a large stocking then we will needle felt a Christmas design on the front.

Basic Crochet

The basics of  crochet covers tools, yarns,gauge and tension. Basic crochet stitches, single, double and triple crochet.

Fee: $40 for 3-2 hour sessions

Dye Workshop

In this workshop you can bring your fibers to dye or purchase items to dye. Silk scarves, cotton or silk warps or skeins. The dyes will all be premixed so all you have to do is come and be as creative as you want.

Fee: $25 for 2 hour and dyes. Materials extra

Beginning Weaving

In this class you will learn the anatomy of a loom, weaving equipment, weaving vocabulary and how to warp a loom. Your beginning project will cover weaving basics, plain weave,twill, reading a draft and planning a project.

You may rent a studio loom or bring your own.

8 hours of class time

Fee: $75 plus required text “Learning to Weave” by Deborah Chandler

Weaving Workshops

Myself and guest instructors will present workshops on different weaving techniques. Please contact me if there is something in particular you would like to learn or that you would like to teach.

Private Classes

Private classes offer an opportunity for customized one-on-one assistance on topics and projects. Before your first lesson, you can contact me to discuss your interests and goals, and I will design a lesson (or series of lessons) focusing on the skills you want to build.


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