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Welcome! My name is Ginger. I’m a teacher, artist, animal lover, mother, wife and proud grandma. I learned how to knit at age 7, and have been working with fiber arts ever since. You can find me in the car, on the street, or in the theater knitting needles in hand. In 2001 I branched out into spinning, and weaving came shortly after when I borrowed a loom from my sister. Soon my loom collection seemed to be taking over the house. It was time to move to a studio.

What I love even more than fiber arts creation is helping others find their creative voice and gain confidence in making things with their own hands! In 2007 I started a Knit for Peace chapter, a community-based organization dedicated to making knitting/weaving projects for those in need. Over the years I am in awe how much the group has grown and humbled by the opportunity to not just give our arts away but to teach those in need how to work with fiber arts too.

I am excited about the opening of the new studio located on our peaceful property north of Pecatonica. And looking forward to offering a tranquil space for people to come and take classes. In addition to teaching, I sell my work at local shops, regional shows, and on Etsy. Check me out at www.etsy.com/shop/tangiblefiber.

The Business: I am a Yarn Council of America-certified instructor with more than 10 years experience teaching a diverse range of knitting and weaving courses. I have worked with adults and youth groups including 4-H and scouts. Over my years of experience as a fiber artist and instructor I have taught more than 600 students. I am a member of both the Moonspinners spinning & weaving guild and the Woodstock Weavers guild and have won numerous awards for my fiber arts projects. I have studied both knitting and weaving under some of the world’s most renowned teachers and love to share what I know.



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